People wait in line for hours in Palm Beach County to register for next iPhone

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Widespread difficulties registering orders for Apple's new iPhone 4 did little to deter Palm Beach County buyers today.

Apple and its partners began taking reservations and orders of the black version of the new iPhone 4 this morning, and anxious buyers were met with error messages on Apple's and AT&T's websites and long lines at some stores as salespeople tried to process orders.

Other users reported problems with an iPhone app that was supposed to let existing iPhone owners order the new phone.

"I waited four hours in line for the first iPhone, so waiting a little while to pre-order one isn't so bad," said Johanna Gatenby of Jupiter, who waited more than an hour at the AT&T store in The Gardens Mall to place her order.

Gatenby rattled off a list of features that she loves about the new phone, including video chat and the ability to make and edit movies.

"I'm my own infomercial!" she said.

The new iPhone, which will be released next Thursday, has been touted for its high-resolution display, five-megapixel cameras and 40 percent longer battery life. The phone starts at $199.

The long lines locally were mirrored in Tokyo, Japan, as overwhelmed computer servers struggled to keep up with demand. Japan -- along with the U.S., U.K., France and Germany -- will be among the first countries where the iPhone 4 will go on sale.

Palm Beach County customers who couldn't get online went to Apple, AT&T, Best Buy and RadioShack stores to place their orders.

John Reback of Jupiter waited an hour and 15 minutes to put in his order at the AT&T store at The Gardens Mall.

"I sell real estate, and it's been slow, so I don't mind waiting," Reback said. He said the AT&T salesperson ended up writing his information down because the computers were running too slow and telling Reback that he'd input the information when the computers came back up.

The line was much shorter at the Best Buy in West Palm Beach. Dan Barsky was in and out of the store in 20-25 minutes.

"My co-worker at the office has been trying to order it online for over an hour," Barsky said as he stood in line.

Even as excitement about the iPhone 4 grows, sales of iPads still seem to be going strong.

An employee at the Apple store in The Gardens Mall said the store is out of stock of the iPads, and that customers who order will have one shipped to them in about 7-10 days.

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