uBreakiFix Unveils iPhone 4G Repair, Parts & Services

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uBreakiFix.com announced it has both the black and white versions of the iPhone 4G/HD glass assemblies in hand.

The company said it ordered the part weeks ago from an undisclosed supplier and after spending a week in customs it has finally made its way from Shenzhen, China to its doorstep.

At first glance there are not huge differences aside from the color, but the company said users will notice the same home button based navigation and speaker grill in about the same location. Upon further examination there are some big differences. The company noted that users will notice on the top of the glass just left of the center a hole for a heavily speculated front facing camera. Also in addition to the camera hole there is a dotted area on top of the speaker which is most likely where the proximity sensor (the sensor that powers the screen off as users put it to their face to avoid pressing buttons while on a call) and the ambient light sensor.

In the second picture, users can see that because the glass cannot be white in order for the proximity sensor to work, small mirror tinted squares cover where the proximity sensor will go. This will allow enough light to pass through in order for it to work properly.

When the panel is flipped over there are some other big differences. As opposed to the 3G and 3GS iPhone which have two bottom screws on this mid-chassis there appears to be four screw holes, two in the top corners and two in the bottom. Also, the company said it does not have the LCD for the Glass yet but given the big difference in the assembly it will be interesting to see just how the LCD is attached to the Glass.

It is also important to note that the actual glass is colored. The Glass is simply blacked out like the 3G/3GS or smoked white from top to bottom.

Also notice that the mid chassis only covers the edges rather than the entire back of the glass like the 3G and 3Gs. The back of the white glass where the proximity sensor is, is not tinted dark like the black glass, instead a small mirror tint is used to cover the hole. The connector now no longer has a center row of pins as did the 3G and 3GS.

uBreakiFix.com is a company that offers professional iPhone repairs, parts and accessories.