ZAGG offers over 4,000 precision pre-cut designs

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ZAGG Inc. (NASDAQ: ZAGG) (, a leading producer of electronics accessories for protecting and enhancing the mobile experience, including the popular invisibleSHIELD(TM), ZAGGbuds(TM), and ZAGGsparq(TM) brands, has begun selling their invisibleSHIELD scratch protection design and ZAGGskins(TM) customizable protection for the new Apple iPhone 4. Announced June 7th at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference, the iPhone 4 will be released June 24th as the latest update of the popular mobile phone, and includes a new design with new features. The invisibleSHIELD and customized ZAGGskins are among the first protective solutions on the market for the iPhone 4.

"ZAGG believes that Apple's new iPhone 4 release will have a significant impact upon the company. We are already shipping our premium protection and mobile accessories to support it, and they are available on our website today," said Robert G. Pedersen II, CEO and co-founder of ZAGG.

The invisibleSHIELD is ZAGG's patent-pending, military-grade, virtually invisible and indestructible film, available in over 5,000 designs for the most popular electronics. It protects millions of devices all around the world from bumps, scratches, and dings with a lifetime guarantee. ZAGGskins are customized high-quality images and designs fused with the invisibleSHIELD to provide personalized protection. The invisibleSHIELD designs for Apple's iPhone and iPod lines are some of ZAGG's most popular products.

"The iPhone 4 is a beautiful device with amazing engineering that customers will want to show off and protect at the same time," said Derek Smith, Vice President of Sales for ZAGG. "The original invisibleSHIELD will allow iPhone users to do exactly that, without compromising either the appearance or the function of the device, and without having to cover it up with a bulky case."